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Traci Hudnall


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Traci Hudnall
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NAME: Traci Hudnall
HOMETOWN: Meridian, MS
MARRIED: to Mike Duke
CAR/CLASS: Yellow #19 American Made Chassis / IMCA Modified
PIT CREW: Mike Duke (chief), Ronny Hudnall
CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Traci has had about 60 wins total in her racing career. She won sportsman on the year in 1994 & 1995 at Whynot. Won the spectator choice award in 1995 at Whynot. 1st female to win feature events at columbus; Whynot; Queen City; Hattiesburg; Louisville; Greenville, AL; & Clanton, AL. 1st year in IMCA Traci finished 2nd in track points at Columbus and Greenville, AL. Also finished 6th in rookie points for the nation and 18th in the Gulf Coast Region. Traci has run asphalt one time and that was at Mobile. She started 23rd out of 26 cars and won the thing. That was in a 4cyl Mini-Stock on 10-24-98. FAVORITE TRACK: Talladega Short Track